Torbay BMX Club – “Parkfield” Track

Torbay BMX Club are fortunate to have a national standard track as its home at Parkfield in Paignton.

The track was designed to national standards, featuring a Pro straight as well as the latest Bensink Gate.

The track is located at the Parkfield centre in Paignton which is both easy to find and has ample parking (council carpark) within 20 metres of the track.


Parkfield track and site was built back in 2011, and the track was launched as an open track. It was free for all to ride at any time the Parkfield site was open.

Over a period of time the condition of the track deteriorated. Partly this was normal wear and tear of riders using the track, but was exacerbated by inappropriate use from other quarters.  The track was frequently ridden by unsuitable bikes with stunt pegs, radio controlled cars and even small petrol powered “mini moto” type machines.

The damage inflicted to the track took its toll, and with no one to carry out the required maintenance to the track, over time it fell into a poor condition and became unsafe to ride.

Since forming Torbay BMX Club in May 2015, we have managed to raise the funding required to fence the track to make it a closed track.  Having the fence in place now allows our team of volunteers to carry out the required maintenance to the track and to keep it in a safe rideable condition for our riders and visiting guests.

There is an active programme of track works ongoing to improve the track surface and drainage, as well as improvements around the track to benefit all who visit and use it.

We are in the process of moving our registration/snack cabin to inside the perimeter of the new fencing to a position that allows a great view of the riders on the track.

2016 is going to be a busy year for the club as we put right the past few years of neglect.  Work is already progressing at a fantastic speed.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page as well as our website.

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