Torbay BMX Club South West Regional Race 2017

Torbay BMX are hosting the 2nd round of the South West BMX Club regional race series on Sunday 9th April 2016.

How To Enter The Parkfield Site.

There are three ways to enter the Parkfield site.

Via Colin Road:

The main entrance to the Parkfield site is via Colin Road (TQ3 2NR). This entrance is best if you have large amounts of equipment to get to the track as it is the largest entry to the site.

Via Lower Polsham Road:

You can also enter the site via Lower Polsham Road (TQ3 2BA).

Via Esplande Road:

There is a third entrance to the site via Esplanade Road (Road B3201).

Car Parking.

There are a few options of where to park when visiting the Parkfield site.

Parkfield Site:

There is no parking for racers or spectators within the grounds of the Parkfield site.  Parking provision within the grounds is reserved strictly for helpers of the event (Commissaires /BC Registration staff / Club helpers / First Aiders).

Pay & Display Carpark – Colin Road

There is a council pay and display carpark located at the Colin Road entrance.  This car park leads straight into the Parkfield site.

Street Parking – Preston Seafront:

There is on street parking on the North end of Marine Drive (Preston Seafront).  Parking at this location is pay and display using the on street ticket machines.  It is approximately 150 metres to the track at Parkfield.  The easiest access to the Parkfield site from this location is via the Colin Road entrance.

Street Parking – Paignton Seafront:

There is parking available along the entire length of Paignton Seafront.  Parking here is pay and display using the ticket machines along the street. It is approximately 150-400 metres to Parkfield depending on which end of the seafront you are parked.  The easiest access to the Parkfield site from this location is via the Esplanade Road entrance.

Local Roads:

There are various local streets surrounding the Parkfield site where parking may be possible. We kindly ask that when parking please be considerate of local residents and only to park in safe and legal places.

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